Caherconree-Baurtregaum-Derrymore Linear Walk

Caherconree (835m)-Baurtregaum(851m)-Derrymore

Grade: Difficult

Duration: 5 hours


Height gain:900m

Start Point: Bóthar na gCloch: Q717057

For this walk we immediately face into a steep climb,initially up the road, and then to aim for spot height 586 before following the ridge line to Caherconree Fort .

(The broad defensive dry stone wall of the fort is 2.5 meters high and runs across the neck of the precipitous promontory.

This was the stronghold of Cú Roí mac Dáire. Legend has it that he was a demigod with magical powers, one of which was his ability to spin the fort around at night to confuse his enemies.

He was pals with Cúchulainn until they fell out over a femme fatale called Blathnaid who set Cú Roí up by telling him that he needed to strengthen his defences. While his warriors were away collecting rocks to reinforce the wall, Cúchulainn attacked and the poor demigod ended up at the bottom of his own cliffs.)

From here we hug the ridge line in a NE direction to Caherconree summit (835m). Baurtregaum (851m) is our next stop,crossing a narrow ridge on the way,so a good head for heights required.From here we descend in a northerly direction initially to spot height 723m before skirting the side of the hill eastwards to Lough Derrymore, from where we follow the river down to the N86 road ,crossing the Dingle Way en route, where we will be picked up by bus.Please note that there will be a nominal charge of €5 approx for the bus to take us back to the cars.